As part of quest to find out more about my Family Tree, the next person in the Thompson bloodline is my Great Great Grandad Daniel Thompson.

So far, previous blog posts were about my Grandad, Daniel Thompson and my Great Grandad, Thomas Thompson.


DANIEL THOMPSON (1871 – 1921)

daniel thompson

Daniel Thompson was born on 29th November 1871 in Maryport, Cumberland, his father, William, was 28 and his mother, Frances, was 25.

He had a huge family with 12 siblings!

6 brothers: William, Joseph, John, Robert, James and Edward.

6 sisters: Ann, Sarah, Frances, Martha, Mary and Birtha.



  • 1881 Census – shows him living at 4 H Court, Crosscanonby in Cumberland with his parents William & Francis & 7 siblings. Aged 9 years old, he is at school.
  • 1891 Census – shows him living in Ellenborough with his wife Sarah. Aged 19 years old, he is working as a miner
  • 1901 Census – shows him living in 314 Church Road, Haydock in Lancashire with his wife Sarah and children William, Thomas, May & Evelyn. Aged 29 years old, he is working as police constable.
  • 1911 Census – shows him living at 23 Alexandria Street, Rawtenstall in Cumberland with his wife Sarah and children William, Thomas, May, Evelyn, Ella & John. Aged 39 years old, he is working as a police constable.

Just like the the last blog post I will have to wait until 2021 before I can see where he lived in 1921 and who with. He died very late in the year so I would presume we can find him on the 1921 census.


  • 1921 – According to his death certificate he was living at 7 Livingstone Road in Blackpool as a retired police sergeant.



Daniel Thompson married Sarah Jane Reed on 9th November 1890 at St. Michaels Church in Workington, Cumberland.



Sarah (far left), William (top left), Thomas (top right), Daniel (far right), Elvlyn (2nd from left), May (middle), Ella (2nd from right) and Jack (bottom middle)


Daniel Thompson with sons William, Thomas and Jack
Daniel Thompson (seated) with sons William (top right), Thomas (left) and Jack (bottom right)

They had six children in 16 years.

Apart from Thomas, I haven’t spent that much time on them as they are not in the direct blood line, so I don’t know exact birth dates.

The information I have is taken from the 1901 and 1911 census records I found on Ancestry.

  • His son William (known as Bill) was born in 1893
  • His son Thomas was born on 28th August 1894 in Ellenborough, Cumberland (see previous blog post – Great Grandad Thompson)
  • His daughter May was born in 1898
  • His daughter Evelyn was born in 1901
  • His daughter Ella was born in 1904
  • His son Jack (known as John) was born in 1909



daniel thompson layton cemetry

He died on 5th December 1921 in Blackpool, Lancashire, at the age of 50.

According to his death certificate he committed suicide whilst of unsound mind by hanging himself by means of a muffler from the bed post at his residence.

An article I found when searching the British Newspaper Archive, in the Lancashire Evening Post on Thursday 8th December 1921, he had become depressed after buying a boarding house:


A verdict of “Suicide while of unsound mind” was returned at an inquest, held the (Police Office, Blackpool, this afternoon, on the body of Daniel Thompson (50), retired police serfeant, Oswaldtwistle, who was found hanging using a muffler from a bed post at his home, 7, Livingstone Road, on Tuesday 11.15 p.m. Sarah Jane Thompson, widow, said her husband was formerly a police sargeant in the County Constabulary, and retired on pension on September 30th (previous year). They came to live in Blackpool, having purchased a boarding house which they had taken at valuation. After having beer in Blackpool a week or two the deceased became depressed and worried about the house, which he didn’t think would pay. Did not get his food regularly, and about two weeks ago he consulted Dr. Godley, who gave him a tonic, and told him suffering from the nervous complaint. He did not seem to improve, and suffered from loss of sleep, but did not again consult a doctor. He had been advised by solicitor’s clerk that the valuation was quite order, and told he had need to worry himself. Afterwards appeared brighter. About 5pm on Tuesday, he remarked to witness. “I am going out. Will you come with me, as I have got an awful sinking feeling coming on me again.” Witness and the deceased walked on the Promenade and about hour after their return deceased went to bed. When she called him at 9.30pm she was unable to obtain admission to the room and sought assistance. Deceased had nothing to worry about. He was not in debt, and had not suggested doing any injury to himself. P.P.J. Nuttall, 25, who was called to the house, said he forced down the door and saw the deceased hanging from the bedrail with a white muffler round his neck. He was in a sitting position with his body about six inches from the floor and his feet outstretched. Artificial respiration was tried, but death had taken place before the arrival of a doctor.

Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

He is buried at Layton cemetry in Blackpool with his wife Sarah.



If you have any questions or know anything about my Great Great Grandad Daniel Thompson, please ask comment below.


The Son Of Thom
The Son Of Thom

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