Hello Fresh Christmas Box Review

We started using Hello Fresh back in September and have become fans ever since. We thought we would give the Hello Fresh Christmas Box a whirl this year and invited my parents for Christmas dinner.

Normally, we would go away for Christmas or when we have cooked Christmas dinner I never would of attempted to make gravy, red cabbage or pigs in blankets from scratch and would most likely would of bought them from Waitrose ready made!

This year would be different…


In the Box

The box arrived on the pre designated delivery day of Friday 22nd December. I was working from home that day so I was in when the Yodel delivery driver knocked on the door.

Inside was packed with pre-portioned ingredients selected from top suppliers and step-by-step recipe cards with tips and tricks to make the entire cooking experience as easy as possible.

They even included some stuffing as a bonus (although annoyingly we had already bought some as it wasn’t on the menu)



A Christmas Feast With All The Trimmings

  • Butter-Basted Turkey with Pigs in Blankets
  • Perfect Rosemary Roast Potatoes
  • Creamy Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta
  • Honey & Thyme Roasted Root Veggies
  • Spiced Red Cabbage with Apples
  • Rich and Delicious Gravy

Something Sweet

  • Chocolate Orange Pots with a Biscuit Base and Caramelised Nuts

Personally I thought the menu looked great but I thought it was missing Stuffing and Yorkshire Puddings. Yorkshire puddings are a tradition in our house so we added this to our menu.



The day before you make your gravy, prep your root vegetables and make your desserts.

We had a friend over so I made the gravy in between watching films and TV. It was really easy although I do prefer gravy made from the juices of your turkey it tasted delicious when reheated on the day.

Prepping the vegetables the night before was a revelation to me, I had never even thought about doing that. It made Christmas Day so much less stressful as most of the work was done, just a case of cooking it.

The dessert was easy but a bit of a faff having to make the biscuit base and roast your nuts but this was probably more down to me leaving it to the last minute to prepare my desserts before bed.



hello fresh christmas turkey

As their was only 4 of us we were given a turkey crown to cook. I had cooked turkey before but only pre ready turkeys, that all you have to do is stick it in the oven.

Gently massaged the lemon zest and thyme into the turkey before later pasting with butter.

It was moist and tasted delicious. I exceeded my expectations!


Christmas Dinner

hello fresh christmas box

The cooking of the Christmas Day meal was made really easy by the timing instructions provided by Hello Fresh.

I stuck it on my cupboard and it told you exactly when to start cooking each section and because most of the prep had been done the night before it was reletively easy.

The only thing I would probably change next time is to glaze the carrots in butter and honey in a saucepan rather than roasting them with the parsnips.

What really surprised me how good the brussel sprouts and panacetta in cream was!

The braised red cabbage also surprised me a little how easy it was to make and I never would of attempted this before.



hello fresh christmas pudding

We took the the option to add dessert, the Chocolate Orange Pots with a Biscuit Base and Caramelised Nuts. These were delicious and so easy to make!

Kinda glad we didn’t go for the traditional Christmas pudding as the Chocolate Orange Pots were so light and I didn’t feel so heavy afterwards.



The Hello Fresh Christmas box for four people was £69.99, however we paid the premium to include the dessert for £89.99. This works out at £22.50 Per Person.

You can get one that feeds 10 people at £129.99, which is great value if you have a large family.

We had considered going to a local pub or restaurant but that was working out between £75 to £125 Per Person.



Whilst the preparation was a little bit longer than I expected it did taste absolutely fantastic. My parents were very impressed and really enjoyed our family Christmas dinner.

Apart from some red cabbage and some turkey for sandwiches the next day their was no food left over!

I won’t hesitate to order another next year and would fully recommend the Hello Fresh Christmas Box to anyone who enjoys cooking.



If you can’t wait for the next Hello Fresh Christmas Box, Get £20 Off Your First Delivery With Hello Fresh (You will receive £20 off your first box, and I will receive £20 off my next box as well! It’s a win-win!)



If you have any questions you would like to ask me about the Hello Fresh Christmas Box, please ask below in the comments.



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