As a big fan of tattoos, I couldn’t wait to watch the newest tattoo tv show in the UK by Monumental Ink.

The first episode of Monumental TV aired on Monumental Inks YouTube Channel last week.

If you are a fan of Tattoo TV shows like Tattoo Fixers, LA ink, Miami Ink, London Ink or Just Tattoo Of Us your love Monumental TV.


Episode 1  – Decisions, Decisions

In episode 1 we get to see Aggie finishing off a Marvel Avengers tattoo masterpiece. Mike helps his client rise from the ashes. Aaron has some big decisions to make whilst also making Harriet go through a photo shoot.


Epsiode 2 – Ice Cream Girls


Episode 3 – Philosophy, Radio DJ and Star Wars


Episode 4 -Neck tattoos and didgeridoos

Episode 4 Premieres live on Wednesday 26th June 2019 at 8PM


The Son Of Thom
The Son Of Thom

Daniel Steptoe-Thompson is a UK food, lifestyle and travel blogger reviewing places he has travelled, whilst writing about his lifestyle choices, combining his love of coffee and tattoos and ticking things off his bucket list.

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