Feather Tattoo

So many people have been asking me about the Lion tattoo I had and I have enjoyed telling people different stories about the Lion to see how gullible people are!

The 2nd sitting was all about the feather tattoo which has huge meaning to me.

I am not sure if you have heard the old wives tale of white feathers but I found several in times of need and I like to think it is my Grandad.

Steve suggested putting the feather into a ink pot so that it wasn’t on its own and adding a candle. I liked the idea of a candle as it felt like I was lighting a candle to remember those that were no longer here.

The roses represent my Nana as she loved Roses and we had Roses at our wedding.

The 2nd sitting took around 6 hours this time and I even managed to have a snooze until Steve started the Rose on my elbow which woke me up!


1 Hour In

This is what the ink pot looked like after 1 hour. Next up is the candle tattoo


2 hours in

This is what my candle tattoo and ink pot looked like after 2 hours. The feather will go into the ink pot.


3.5 Hours In

This is what my feather tattoo looked like after 3.5 hours.



This is what my feather tattoo looked like after 6 hours. I think the light makes it look more red than it really was.



This is what my feather tattoo looked like after it had healed and a full 360 degree view of the finished lower arm of my full sleeve tattoo. Just the upper to go now!



Tattoo by Steve Toth at Monumental Ink.



You can also see Part 1 of my full sleeve tattoo – Lion Tattoo and Part 3 of my full sleeve tattoo – Portrait Tattoo



If you have any questions you would like to ask me about my feather tattoo, please ask below in the comments.



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The Son Of Thom
The Son Of Thom

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    • Dom

      This is really coming together nicely! Loving the symbolism too.

      • The Son Of Thom


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